}We watched Loma Linda Community Center redo their accessible playground

}They wanted to make their playground more accessible both for their after school programs and summer program for children with disabilities

}Thankfully, the City of Albuquerque has come up with all of the funding for this project.
Dan Gardner from Exerplay donated a bench to Every Ability Plays Project and we donated this same bench to the Loma Linda Community Center accessible playground including a plaque with our logo and my name. I think this was really awesome Dan did this.
This is how we want to support communities build accessible playgrounds by watching over their special process. If they need our help, we will be right there to offer funding.

I encourage you to donate to EAPP so that we can help other wonderful projects like this.

 April 16th, 2016 was the Grand Opening for the accessible playground at Loma Linda Community Center! For this event, my first school helper and one of my favorite people, Carmen Montoya, was my special date. I asked her to go with me because she did everything that she could to make play fun for me when I was little. Carmen took one of her little granddaughters with her. A few of my other friends went to join us.

On that day, we got to meet Mayor Richard Berry. We told him I wanted to see a special swing for every park. He said he would take this idea to a meeting that week, but I never heard from him. He has left office. 

The only bad thing was that our bench didn't make it for the opening. It got there a few weeks later.