About The Founder Toña Rivera 


 Why I love the outdoors   I have always loved the outdoors. My dad was a rancher and as we were growing up, he would tell us his stories about the outdoors and being in the open fields. In my teen years, my dad moved back for a few years. Every school break, my sister and I would go to see our dad. He would put me in the back of his truck to see the cows. That is why I love the outdoors. 



                          My Childhood:


I had a really playful childhood. We lived in an apartment complex. My dad lived in the same complex with his sister and her family. He had two of his cousins and their families living there, too.  I grew up with my cousins, and I was very lucky. We played together. We played ball and house. There was an older girl that used to take care of us. She used to take us to the little playground. I liked getting on a big red plate that we had to lay down on and that went around and around. That was fun. My aunt took her girls and me to the playground sometimes. My aunt used to get me on the swing with her, and it was fun


The only time I would get to go down the slide was when my dad would go with us to a park. He would carry me up the stairs to let me go down, and my mom would be at the bottom waiting to catch me. Every Ability Plays Project is creating a slide which will be 100% stair and step free. We are still figuring out how the wheelchair will get to the bottom again when the child gets off to slide down.