I am adding Anita's story about Journey of Hope for our 2017 Friendship Visit because unfortunately, I started losing my vision during this time due to a head tumor, but now I am doing amazingly well. 
"On July 2nd, 2017,   we had the pleasure of meeting this amazing group of young men. They are from Pi Kappa Phi fraternity from various colleges across the country. They all gather in Long Beach, CA and ride bicycles across the country to Washington, DC., to raise awareness about people with disabilities. This is our second year meeting with this group! We look forward to doing this again and wish these young men good luck and a safe journey on their cross country trek! Thank you, Tonya Rivera, for your hard work in bringing awareness to the special needs community! BTW...Joaquin was given a t-shirt of theirs and made an honorary member!!!"

Our project board members, Nestor Tarango, Chris Brown, Brian Colon and Sonya Garcia were at this event. Brian Colon was running for Mayor during this time but he didn't win.